GG go to CHINA

In July, Dave Gibson, Stephen Richardson and our most recent addition to the GG crew, Eric Zhang, travelled to China with Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast.

Dave says “we went on the trip to develop our existing relationships in China and build new ones. The Mayoral Delegation and Expo were the perfect platform to help us do this. The presence of a senior New Zealand government official – in this case Kerry Prendergast – is absolutely invaluable in terms of attracting new contacts and getting access to senior decision-making Chinese government officials".

Daryl Talbot WTFN, Qi Lin Beijing Ye Chen, Dave, Mr Wu H. Brothers

"Following our co-production deal struck with Chinese TV production company Beijing Ye Chen, we are now in development for the 40-episode drama series provisionally titled Gold Rush Revelation. It's going to be made in New Zealand for CCTV (China’s national TV network) and Maori Television with the screenplay being written by a New Zealand-Chinese team". Shooting will take place in Wellington, Otago and Beijing.

Kerry Prendergast says China has a huge appetite for film and TV content – and that there are great opportunities for New Zealand’s creative companies to form joint ventures with the local Chinese TV and film industries.

"But there are also big challenges – we’ve been thinking quite hard back in Wellington about whether the City Council – possibly in conjunction with other partners (the Chamber of Commerce, other Wellington councils, private enterprise) should open a permanent office in China.

The delegation travelled to Shanghai, where GG hosted a VIP function with Mayor Prendergast at the New Zealand Expo Pavilion. Invited Chinese TV producers, TV network officials and other distinguished guests from Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai enjoyed our kiwi wine, food and hospitality.

Mr Wu H.Brothers, Mayor Kerry Prendergast, Qi Lin & Yi Lin Beijing Ye Chen

The function preceded a New Zealand film industry function in Shanghai in the evening. Dave, Stephen and Eric joined Weta Workshop’s Sir Richard Taylor and Tom Greally, Park Road Post General Manager Cameron Harland, Economic Development Minister Gerry Brownlee and New Zealand’s Ambassador in China, Carl Worker to show off the best work of the local film industry to a packed house with a special screening of The Lovely Bones.

Prior to this visit, Stephen Richardson visited Tianjin in March representing Wellington City and GG at Tianjin Television’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. “Tianjin is a partner city of Wellington and gave me wonderful hospitality and access to key Municipal Government and TJTV officials”, says Stephen.

“Proof of the success of the trip is that we are now working on a co-production project with TJTV’s Binhai Channel.

“The potential benefits for New Zealand’s tourism and wine industries, for example, are huge, given the size of the Chinese population and its dramatically increasing wealth and mobility. To achieve this we need to continue building strong relationships with major TV networks and production companies, and the tacit approval of key Government officials.”