Gibson Group's The WALL inspires Cairo

WSA Winner Gibson Group's The WALL has been selected by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) to serve as a role model and inspiration for a new interactive wall in Cairo.

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The Winner of the 2011 World Summit Award for e-Content and Creativity, The WALL, has been selected by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) to serve as a role model and inspiration for a new interactive wall in Cairo. It furthermore helps to celebrate the values of democracy, the rich history and culture of Cairo.

The innovative approach to city history and culture pioneered by the Museum of Copenhagen with Gibson International is thus set to grow an exciting new form in the city of Cairo.

Incubators for the new Wall project, DEDI is drawing together a growing consortium of Egyptian, Danish and international partners and organizations dealing with urban heritage and social sciences, as well as historians, graphic and visual artists, software developers and programmers. Partners for this new project include the Egyptian Women and Memory Forum and the prestigious Centre for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage CULTNAT , along with the Museum of Copenhagen as advisors and mentors.

The Cairo Wall will build on the core technology and concepts of the original WALL to create its own innovative public platform for the cultural and natural heritages of Cairo, unique in the Middle East and Arab World. DEDI has set up a steering group that held a workshop in Copenhagen late 2011 to look at the scope and feasibility of the project, and will be holding another in Cairo concurrently with the World Summit Award Winners Event (26-29 April), with participants from not only Cairo but Denmark and New Zealand contributing to setting up the project.

Enquiries to: 

The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute

12, Hassan Sabri Street, 11211 Zamalek, Cairo

Tel + 202 2735 1621 Fax + 202 2735 1862

Muna Bur, Program Officer