Our People

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Liqin Mi

Senior Projects Development Manager


Liqin Mi is Senior Projects Development Manager, working particularly on our Chinese business.  She holds a Masters degree majoring in economics and brings her wide experience working for businesses and government organizations both in China and New Zealand.  These attributes mean that she understands well the culture and systems in both China and New Zealand.  She uses that understanding and her extensive experience, especially her in-depth knowledge of how to deal with Chinese businesses and government at various levels, to help the Gibson Group and its Chinese partners work together effectively. 

Liqin is currently the Secretary of the Wellington Xiamen Association.

弥丽琴   资深项目发展经理

丽琴主要负责公司在中国业务的协调与发展。 她拥有经济学硕士学位,有在中国和新西兰政府部门和企业工作的丰富经历。她不仅熟悉两国文化,熟知政府和企业的办事程序和惯例,而且拥有较强的沟通和协调能力,为公司与中国合作伙伴的有效合作发挥重要作用。