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Ben and Jeremy's Big Road Trip



Ben & Jeremy’s Big Road Trip is an hour-long, one-off comedy special with the stars of ‘7 Days’ Ben Hurley and Jeremy Corbett, as they’ve never been seen before.

Directed by Wellington filmmaker, Jason Stutter (Predicament), the show follows the two comedians as they embark on a pie-fuelled road trip adventure in the name of science, via a fictional documentary film crew’s cameras.

Playing heightened versions of themselves, the fictional Jeremy Corbett is a computer game obsessed loner who thinks he’s the most popular and funniest comedian on (and off), television and Ben Hurley, as the egocentric, popular but broke new comedian on the block.

After one too many terrible stand up performances and on the advice of his wife Megan, (played by Corbett’s real-life wife Megan Nicol), Jeremy is forced to take a different presenting path and takes on a gig as ‘presenter/comedian’ for a television science documentary.

The science documentary requires Jeremy to drive all the way from Auckland to Invercargill while wearing an obtrusive and uncomfortable looking sleep-monitoring device. The catch is, in order to secure the gig, Jeremy must convince the massively popular and too-cool Ben Hurley, to take part.

Unenthusiastic at first, Ben receives a call from his agent offering him the gig of a lifetime - to be the support act for the legendary John Clarke…in Invercargill.

The show blurs the lines between reality and fiction, as Jeremy and Ben (playing themselves), come across a cast of real and fictional characters including, a hair obsessed Simon Barnett, Mayor Tim Shadbolt, a sexy traffic warden and a car full of very scary gang guys.  

Shot largely without a script, the cast were given scene outlines, rehearsing and improvising as they went. 

Ben and Jeremy’s Big Road Trip, is a kiwi ‘bro-mance’ comedy featuring real-life TV funny men, Jeremy Corbett and Ben Hurley, a cast of real and fictional characters, ‘John Clarke’ and too many pies.

Technical Specifications

TV Production

Duration: 1hr commercial Broadcast on TV3 Monday August 9 at 7.30pm 2010