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Cartoonists Inc.



Tom Scott presents Great Kiwi Cartoons.

Kiwi cartoonists, as Tom Scott notes, 'punch way above their weight in world terms.'

Using his encyclopaedic knowledge and personal insights Tom Scott takes a hilarious journey through the ever-changing world of the NZ cartoonist. It is an author-driven documentary, filled with characteristic humour.

Tom guides audiences around the country - from the Gisborne home of Wal and Dog (Murray Ball), to Otago's Garrick Tremain and Murray Webb, to Auckland to the steps of elder statesman Peter Bromhead and the young bloods, Anthony Ellison, Karl Wills and Simon Morse.

And then popping around the corner in Wellywood to visit Mr Bogor himself, Burton Silver, the female doyen, Rosemary McLeod.

Tom draws blood as our very vocal living cartoonists talk about their best work, their personal demons, the elements that make a good cartoon, the influence of NZ's old guard of illustrators (Neville Lodge and David Low), the daily grind to be creative, and the compromises between humour, satire, draughting skill and speed.

And he asks where the next generation of cartoonists are? Drawing on his own wit, skills and humour, Tom Scott drills into the creative and frightening minds of some of the best cartoonists in the world.

Technical Specifications

TV Production

Production Year: 2003

Category: Documentary

Commissioning Broadcaster: TVNZ for TV One Transmission

Date: 22 March 2004

Producer: Gary Scott

Director: Michael Huddleston

Description: 1 hour