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Fresh Meat



Fresh Meat is now available on DVD in the US and Canada, at Amazon.

Visit the Fresh Meat facebook page or IMDB.

Available on DVD, iTunes and VOD now.


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After a botched prison break the Tan brothers’ gang take refuge in suburbia where they invade the family home of Maori academic Hemi Crane.

He and his wife Margaret, a successful TV chef, along with their teenage children Glenn and Rina don’t seem to pose much of a threat to Ritchie and Paulie Tan, their fumbling accomplice Johnny, and the smoking hot Gigi.

Or do they?

The house might look like your standard suburban McMansion, but there’s a few additions to the Crane residence that aren’t on the architect’s plans. Like a bloody great abattoir in the basement for instance. And a homeowner who’s a devotee of an ancient Maori cult, on a mission to reintroduce cannibalism to the 21st century.

The tables are set to turn in this unique mash up of comedy, horror and action. And in the middle of this chaos Gigi and Rina are looking at each other with a whole different desire for human flesh.


An email from one of our fantastic film festivals:

"I have to share this story with you. The drive for Fresh Meat was blocked in customs because it was thought to contain "fresh meat". But we now have it and promise not to put it in the fridge."


WORLD Premiere HAWAII International Film Festival (US) 15 October 2012 

EUROPEAN PREMIERE BRUSSELS International Festival of Fantastic Film (Belgium) 7 April 2013

TRIBECA Film Festival - Midnight Section (US) 23 April 2013

CZECHREPUBLIC48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 28 June - 6 July 2013

SOUTH KOREA Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) 18 – 28 July 2013

GERMANY Fantasy Film Festival 28  August - 12 September 2013

FRANCE Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival 13 - 22 September 2013

SPAIN Sitges International Film Festival Catalonia 11 - 20 October 2013

TAIWAN Kaohsiung FIlm Festival 18 October 2013

CANADA ImagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival in Canada 16 - 20 October 2013 & Calgary International Film Festival 19 - 29 September 2013 & Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival 1 December 2013



Reviews are in from Tribeca and INDIEWIRE & FILM SCHOOL REJECTS rank Fresh Meat in the top 5 Narrative Features in the Festival!


MOVIES.COM Review: Fresh Meat is the Best Horror-Comedy out of Tribeca!

Best Horror-Comedy: Fresh Meat

"It’s as outrageous as it sounds, but it works because director Danny Mulheron and company don’t hold back in the least. Just about every single character is off his or her mind, going from sensible helpless victim to maniacal villain, or vice versa, and the dance between the two is amusingly mesmerizing." 


CINEMA BLEND's Kristy Puchko says Fresh Meat is "fiercely funny and brazenly bonkers" 

GAWKER's Rich Juzwiak "The funniest horror movie I saw was Danny Mulheron's Fresh Meat, which is from New Zealand and accordingly zany."


Ashley Davis
 on TRULY DISTURBING quips "what do you get when you cross Quentin Tarantino with horror and home invasion??? FRESH MEAT. This film, from New Zealand, is oddly refreshing–adding a little zest and spice to prison breaks and home invasions we far too often see go stale.

Without giving too much away, the movie is gorey, bloody, action-packed, full of surprises, and downright funny."


"There’s a certain expectation that comes with attending a horror-comedy with a ridiculously on-the-nose title. And in that respect, “Fresh Meat” delivers on its promise as a deliriously off-the-wall splatterfest with absolutely zero pretension."

-INDIEWIRE's Gabe Toro


HORRORCULT FILMS gives Fresh Meat 8/10 stars, calling it "a unique experience…captivates in its beauty and tons of sexual perversions while making you laugh out loud at its bizarre silliness."

"Fresh Meat is wrong in so many ways, and it is 100% NOT PC, and the film is a total blast from start to finish."

"…The director has a very bright future. His way of building on a simple idea and making it into something far more than we ever imagined is fantastic, and Fresh Meat is simply bursting with ideas and charm."

"Fresh Meat is so much fun it hurts, and those that enjoy their horror that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and can relax and have a laugh, then this film will deliver everything you need. There is so much good stuff here I could go on all night listing what made me laugh or cheer in total joy."

"If you can turn off your serious head and just go with it, Fresh Meat delivers a whopping 90 minutes of pure joy. Fun, sexy, violent and at times a little sickening, this is what horror comedies are all about. Tasty!

Rating: 8/10"


James Croot, FLICKS.CO.NZ


This decade’s answer to Bad Taste, Brain Dead and Black Sheep, Mulheron’s cheeky Bro-sploitation horror-comedy seems destined for Kiwi cultdom. New Zealand horror has developed something of a dour reputation in recent years with the likes of The Tattooist, The Ferryman and The Devil’s Rock stinking up the screen with their po-faced chills. However, this brings back the Peter Jackson feeling by sprinking a proposterous Polynesian pulp tale with more than a dash of dark humour.

It’s not for everyone, and certainly not the easily offended, but for comedy-horror fans this is a welcome feast of visceral excess where patu, pencils and poi are weapons and crockpots can be deadly.

Visually inventive, Fresh Meat also includes cringy but catchily-quotable one-liners and an on-form Temuera Morrison threatening to chew the scenery as well as the fleshy props. However, the real star of the show is newcomer Hannah Tevita, who provides the film’s moral centre as well as fantasies for the film’s target audience. Gleefully un-PC (the opening shower scene certainly sets out the film’s stall), this is a surprisingly fresh tale from what seemed to be an over-cooked Kiwi genre.


Behind the scenes



Original score composed and performed by Plan 9

“Don’t Know Your Name”

Kidz In Space

 “When My Wahine Does The Poi”

Daphne Walker and Bill Sevesi and his Islanders

“Highschool Hoodlums”

The Datsuns 

“Yeah Yeah Just Another Mistake”

The Datsuns                                            

"Solomonite Chant"

Stephen Gallagher                

“Things Will Get Good”

Mel Parsons  

"Saturday Smile" 

Gin Wigmore



"Indulge Me" 

David Dallas

Technical Specifications

Feature Film

Directed by Danny Mulheron

Released 2012

91 minutes