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Through the eyes of kids, the world can be a funny place! Giggles aired on TVNZ 6 Daily at 7.25am, 11.25am and 3.25pm Thanks to TVNZ for commissioning this show.

Giggles is a sketch comedy show for pre-schoolers, designed to provide visual and auditory stimulus that will enrich learning and make children laugh out loud. Each episode is a combination of hilarious sketches featuring a cast of recurring characters in crazy situations.  A mix of costumed performers, puppets and pre-schoolers co-exist in a bright and exciting virtual world. 

Illustrated elements provide context (clouds on a blue sky, trees on a green landscape etc.) on graduated colour backgrounds, without detracting from the performers in action in the foreground.  Pre-schoolers feature throughout the show, dancing, jumping and playing with our colourful cast. The soundscape is a stimulating component of the show, introducing children to a variety of musical styles, punctuating action with comic sound effects and using children’s laughter to encourage and inspire the audience to respond.  

Dialogue is minimal with funny ‘nonsense’ words used instead of English language, to ensure maximum international appeal. Pre-school audiences have responded enthusiastically to the comedic juxtaposition and unexpected wacky situations in Giggles – a puppet mailman whose letterbox spits-out the mail; costumed performers dressed as sheep who elude the farmer in classic pantomime style.  They’re delighted by the mischievous magic of the naughty fairy, tickled by the slapstick pirate and entranced by the daring aerobatic bumblebee.  They laugh, they dance – they’re transfixed.  Don your own silly hat or crazy wig and get ready to laugh out loud at Giggles!

Technical Specifications

TV Production

32 x 5 minute Interstitial Children’s Series