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Giggles Series 2



Giggles returns with a renewed emphasis on the integrated imaginary world – a unique universe where surprising unexpected interactions between characters take place. The Giggles characters and our pre-schoolers dance, laugh, play and poke fun together – but most importantly, the children are always in control of the world.

The Giggles pre-school audience love the show’s slapstick action, bright colour palette and graphics and its recognisable comedy cast. These elements strongly combine to create a happy, integrated, active imaginary world, visually distinct to this series.

Series 2 introduces new and attractive elements along with bringing back favourite characters from Series 1, all designed to encourage nursery-age children’s sense of discovery, creativity and fun! We know that a laughing child is happier, more confident and receptive to learning. So Giggles 2 will stick to our golden rule: if it makes kids laugh, it’s in the show!  

 Giggles is a sketch comedy show for pre-schoolers, designed to provide visual and auditory stimulus that will enrich learning and make children laugh out loud.

Technical Specifications

TV Production

32 x 5 minute episodes for TVNZ

Aired from 16 March 2010