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Mash Pit Comedy



Get your comedy on TV with Mash Pit Comedy and Prime.

Mash Pit Comedy is a brand new way of getting comedy onto Kiwi TV screens. It starts with a website: www.mashpitcomedy.com, New Zealand’s first comedy video mash-up site.     

You can upload your comedy clips, share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or wherever and become a comedy legend. The best clips on the site starred in New Zealand’s first user-generated sketch comedy show, screening on Prime in 2010.  

If you’ve always thought you’re a bit of a joker, and have the keenness to make your own video comedy gold, then here’s a chance to show off your talents in a brand new way.  

The most popular videos submitted to www.mashpitcomedy.com[http://www.mashpitcomedy.com] will receive fame, glory (and even prizes) when selected to appear on the Mash Pit Comedy TV show.  

Mash Pit Comedy is a custom built video-sharing site where you can upload original comedy clips. You can also download any video on the site and mash it up with your own footage on your and re-upload that new video. The site keeps track of videos you’ve downloaded so that when you upload a mashed video you can nominate which clips you used in the mash.  It’s all about sharing and tracking how comedy videos change through the mash cycle.  

Mash Pit Comedy let’s you get social with your comedy. Watch. Laugh. Shoot. Mash. Upload. Glory!   Mash Pit Comedy has been created through funding from NZ On Air’s digital content partnership fund.   Jump into the Pit today and tell us what comedy you want to see on TV.