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Panic at Rock Island



It's the eve of a huge rock festival on an island in Sydney harbour. The three-day event, featuring top New Zealand and Australian bands, is both exclusive and expensive.    

To save on the ticket, Kiwis Zed and Ari sneak through underground tunnels, making a horrendous discovery in the process. Covered with blood, they find a man on the verge of death, ravaged by a mysterious contagion.

Freaked out, Zed and Ari arrive on the island, unknowingly carrying with them the deadly virus. Amongst the rock music and gathered crowds, the illness spreads like wildfire. Blood, vomit and panic ensue, as the full impact of the virus is realised.    

Chief Medical Examiner Jim immediately appeals for quarantine. But the city's coffers are more concerned with outward appearances, and refuse to take drastic measures. Jim's fears spiral out of control when he learns that his children are both on the island.

With the help of government spook Hirsch, Jim takes the law into his own hands and closes off all access to the event. But instead of controlling the situation, a riot erupts that throws the entire city into bedlam.    

With the world collapsing around him, Jim discovers that not only has his wife infiltrated the deadly pandemonium to find their children, but the virus is no accident, and the people responsible for it are the last he'd ever suspect.

Starring Grant Bowler, Vince Colosimo, Jessica Tovey, Anna Hutchison, Zoe Cramond, Eli Kent, and Simone Kessell. Directed by Tony Tilse, produced by Rosemary Blight, Dave Gibson, Tony Tilse.

PANIC AT ROCK ISLAND is a Goalpost Pictures Australia and Gibson Group production in association with  Universal Networks International (UNI), the Nine Network Australia, Arclight Films and TVNZ, and made with the financial support of Screen Australia, Screen NSW, New Zealand On-Air and EFIC (Export Finance Insurance Corporation).