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The Gibson Group specialises in the production of high-end television drama for both primetime and children's audiences, along with documentary, comedy, arts magazine, factual programming. We also produce unique and interactive visitor attractions, nationally and internationally.    

Our feature films and television programmes have sold in over eighty countries worldwide. We have co-produced major television drama series and feature films with partners based in Canada, Britain, Australia and Sweden. The success of these ventures has ensured the company is well positioned to co-partner with other international companies who wish to work in New Zealand or the Pacific region. In recent times, we have broadened our creative scope to encompass a range of new media initiatives. These now represent a significant growth area for us.    

With a core staff of just over twenty employees, we also work with a variety of freelance producers and other personnel, often on a long-term contract basis. We operate full digital video post-production facilities and possesses expertise in visual effects, computer animation, 2D and 3D modeling and compositing.